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Dr. Doreen Stern describes herself as a recovering procrastinator. You wouldn’t know it from her bio: She holds a doctorate and two master’s degrees. Her successful career spans business, higher education, and social services. She’s won awards at every stage of her career.

Destiny intervened in 2000, when Doreen was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. After her successful treatment, an insistent voice kept whispering in her ear, “Do you want to die knowing you were afraid to live your dreams?”

What were her dreams, anyway? Stern decided to find out. She realized she dreamed of being a best-seller author and a motivational speaker. Also loving a man with her whole heart. She decided to pursue her dreams with her entire being.

Dr. Stern began studying how athletes, entertainers, and business people successfully changed, as well as reviewing research studies. Also interviewing “regular” people who had overcome insurmountable obstacles.

Two years ago Dr. Stern became “The Life Docktor.” Since then, she’s delivered speeches across the United States, helping people change their lives. She’s received rave reviews, which has led to her appearing on TV and being profiled in newspapers. Her book, “Start Living: Change Your Life in 17 Minutes,” will be available soon.